Ten on Tuesday

1. Juliette and I had planned to set out for IKEA this afternoon, as we have a mission to procure a particular item for Elizabeth, who lives beyond the reach of the Swedes. We were heading toward the highway when I decided that it is far too blustery to be on the road. Full trash bags had blown into the street.

2. Batten down the hatches, Ohio. It was a doozy.

3. Tell me this is not the cutest trio of preacher's kids you ever did see.
It was taken at the first of two parties we attended on Sunday, the cupcake reception for Selam's baptism. Juliette is a huge fan of Selam and Zora. And Zora's dad, who kept an eye on the girls as they raced around the church campus. As Erica pointed out, these girls might be a little too comfortable in churches. ;-)

4. I was more than a little nervous about going to party #2; between post-Sunday School lemonade and baptismal cupcakes, Juliette had reached a new level of sugar high. No worries. Party #2 was a Halloween party at church that brilliantly didn't involve any candy. The kids had so much fun - thanks to the high school youth group kids that lead games and crafts - they didn't even notice the lack of lollipops and chocolate bars.

5. Juliette loves church so very much. When we get in the car, she asks, "Are we going to church?" and is disappointed if the answer is no. She also contributed her first pre-dinner prayer the other night: "Dear God, thank you for... everything. Amen."

6. I've been reading Sit a Spell, which is the blog of a missionary in Haiti. I was going to include a little quote to illustrate how powerful and challenging it is, but I couldn't. I just wanted to copy and paste the entire blog, but not only would that overwhelm #6 in a ToT, it would also be altogether unnecessary when you can venture over and read it in its original context.

7. Next week, Over the Rhine is doing a train tour across the West, with concerts at every stop. Don't get me started on how much I would love to be on that train. It hurts to think about it.

8. As ambivalent as I am about Facebook, I posted a question last week soliciting advice about doing Christmas Pageants. The feedback I got was so helpful I copied and pasted all the comments into a Word document to put in my file. I have ideas for years to come.

9. Last night I was overwhelmed by the urge to knit. I haven't knit since I had a complete knitfail last fall, after I unwisely tried to knit scarves for all of the children in the family for Christmas gifts. (I finished half, but couldn't very well give out scarves to half of the children in the family, so they are just wallowing in handmade goods purgatory. Knitfail.) I can't believe I've done this to myself again; I didn't knit for years while Lara's prayer shawl was hanging over my head. Sigh.

10. I'm rereading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. It's part of my emergency plan to enable me to actually finish my book manuscript by February 1st. It was good to be reminded, right on page three, that "telling the truth in an interesting way turns out to be about as easy and pleasurable as bathing a cat." Mmmhmm.

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