Ode to Fake Uggs

Let me begin with an admission: I don't like Uggs. They became newly popular while we were living in California, and there is just something completely inexplicable about seeing people trouncing around at the beach - even on a fifty degree day - wearing ultra warm footwear.

I also question the "taste level" of Uggs (as Heidi Klum would say). I've loved ugly footwear in my time. I spent about a decade in old school Birkenstocks and used to believe that Converse were only perfected when they were covered in graffiti (9th grade graffiti of choice: Tori Amos lyrics and Charles Dickens quotes). The particular brand of ugly that Ugg sells has just never been my thing.

That said.

A couple months ago, I bought a pair of fake black Uggs from Target for $20. And for the past couple weeks - ever since the temperature dropped below thirty degrees - I can hardly bear to wear anything else. Even though they are lined with polyester instead of sheepskin, they are so warm. I'm even coming to terms with their uggliness. Since they were so cheap, I figure I can wear them in all the salt and slush without worrying about ruining pricey footwear. All the better.

That said.

They are not the most professional shoes out there. I can't imagine Peacebang would give them her blessing. So today, despite the ongoing freezing temperatures, I broke down and wore my Danskos. It was the first time all winter I've been miserably cold - shivering in the car, making the embarrassing Willis cold-weather whinny, etc. The worst part is I never really got warm again. I've been home for hours - I even added another layer of socks - and my feet are still ice blocks.

So, maybe I just need to buy another pair in brown and restore my professionalism in April. The last thing I need is to get cold feet about winter.

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