Ten on Tuesday

1. Between the Californians boasting about their 80 degree weather and the Ohioans posting snow day updates and photos of buried automobiles, Facebook has been quite the weather report lately. Last time I checked it was 7 degrees here, but we were mercifully spared the worst of the storm.

2. Two nights ago I tried to make coffee to brew for the next morning, and accidentally brewed it right then and there at 10:00pm. And then last night I made up a new bread recipe (based very loosely on the good old WHO bread) and realized this morning that I'd set the cycle to run without the benefit of the little metal kneader. Fail.

3. Our church provided materials and devotionals for families to make Advent wreaths for home, and it's been such a lovely new tradition. We light the candle(s), read a brief scripture and reflection, discuss a couple questions, pray, sing a carol, and then Juliette's favorite part: getting to blow the candles out. We haven't managed to do it every night, but I think we'll try to do it every year.

4. Juliette and I went to a Christmas carol sing-a-long at church on Sunday afternoon. When the band started in with "Away in a Manger," Juliette perked up and hollered, "Jesus?? I have that book!!!"

5. That book would be the toddler Bible she picked out at the library and is mildly obsessed with. It is not the toddler Bible I would have selected, with the tasteful pictures and richer language. It's the one with the cartoonish characters and a blond Jesus and disciples who, despite looking like they are three years old, sport handlebar mustaches. It kind of reminds me of how I'd hoped Juliette would like Olivia, and her Nick Jr. show of choice was Wow Wow Wubbzy. What can you do? A girl is entitled to her own aesthetic, I guess.

6. I'm not anywhere near the biggest fan of Glee - the vast majority of the songs drive me bonkers, and the writing is so uneven we can usually call whether it will be a good or bad episode within the first minute of dialogue. But sometimes they pull out an episode so great I'm glad we don't give up on it. We're a couple weeks behind, but the Furt episode was incredible. Even if the wedding was wonky.

7. We have a tree! I should probably take a picture of it. It's shameful how long it's been since I've taken a picture of anything.

8. Erica and I went to the Over the Rhine concert on Saturday night. It was a great night, even if it was rainy and cold. I'm still daydreaming about these cabbage/ginger/toasted coconut wraps Erica ordered at the Thai place before the show, and of course the show itself. Seeing OtR in Chicago made me feel ever more at home here.

9. And, the new Over the Rhine album (The Long Surrender) arrived this week. I've had the mp3s for awhile, but it's different holding the album in hand, driving around town with all the songs on repeat. I'm a little sad that my name was left off the contributors list, but glad that my mom's wasn't. The album sounds beautiful - Joe Henry really is a great producer - and while there are a couple songs I really don't care for, there are more songs that I positively adore.

10. I was invited to write three lectionary blog posts for The Christian Century. I couldn't say no (let's just say I very much want to write for the Century, and that I have a stash of rejection letters to show for it), even though there were many very good reasons to do so. The first one went live yesterday.

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