A Girl Can Dream

I've never had a definite notion of what I would do if I happened to win the lottery or otherwise become wealthy overnight. You know, other than the general giving a whole bunch away to Week of Compassion or some such hardworking humanitarian organization.

Now I know. After WoC gets its cut, of course.

Around here, a lot of beautiful old houses are torn town to build beautiful new houses. The main difference between the beautiful old and the beautiful new is size. I still haven't quite gotten accustomed to the size of new construction around here. These houses are huge.

There is a plot of land for sale about a half a block from the village downtown. Before too long, no doubt, a beautiful new house will materialize. If I won the lottery, it would be my beautiful new house. And it would be small. Two bedrooms, maybe three. And it would be as ecologically sound as can be - solar panels, bamboo floors, etc. The only supersized elements would be the garden and a big screened in porch for summertime entertaining. There would be a front porch, too, for sitting in the afternoon and waving to all the neighbors as they walk home from the train.

It's not that I have anything against big houses. I just don't want to live in one. In both of the houses Ben and I have lived in, we've started out stretching to fit the whole space, and finding that we curl up into the rooms that we really need. We're compact. We like to be in the same room. Additions are superfluous.

Small is grand.

So, maybe I'll start buying lottery tickets.

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