Happy Birthday, Juliette!

Juliette has had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to a miserable case of influenza, she hadn't left the house in over a week (save for a trip to the doctor and the airport). But today, she was finally well enough to go to school, where it was her day to bring the birthday treat.

Other highlights: Grandma is here to celebrate!

Ben picked out fancy birthday treats from the Swedish Bakery in Chicago. The brown spiky one is a porcupine!A super exciting package from Aunt Lisa arrived: a huge bag of wonderful dress-up clothes and jewelry. Juliette is beside herself.

Her little Shirley Temple/ Great-Grandma Watson wig:

She also received several books, doll clothes, Hungry Hungry Hippo, and a very cool Eboo version of Animal Bingo (which I bought for $2 at the church rummage sale last fall). We went to 2 Toots for dinner, so Juliette had a the thrilling experience of having her dinner delivered via model train. We also had three special birthday Skype sessions.

We still have to reschedule her mini birthday party; we had plans to have two of her friends over for a tea party, but the flu got in the way. Even without the party this birthday was just right.

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