Several on Sunday

1. Many of the ladies at my church in California baked Pumpkin Somethin', and I ate devoured enough servings during my tenure there that it is probably the taste I most strongly associate with the congregation. As my SBCC cookbook is still packed away with most of our cookbooks, I had to turn to the interwebs for a substitute recipe when I got the hankering for it the other day. It tasted pretty much like the original: even better than pumpkin pie. A wonderful January use for leftover pumpkin puree!

2. I don't know if there's a picture that has ever made me laugh as hard as this one. (Not even Ben's whale attack in Santa Barbara.) First of all, the Persheys have some seriously big personalities, don't we? The hand-talking speaks volumes; Ben's is amplified even more by the pink polka dot sunglasses he's holding. I very distinctly remember what I was talking about with the woman, who was visiting for the 100th Anniversary celebration at SBCC. She'd just asked me if I was pregnant. And I was saying something to the effect of, "Why no, I'm not! Funny you should ask. Must just be stress-related overeating." I think if you asked ten people to guess what I might be talking about, one of them might actually hit it right on the nose, I'm so clearly making the strained-polite-pastor-just-got-insulted face/hands.

But, this photo also makes me a little sad. We really miss the man in the middle. Juliette used to call him "My Don."

3. I keep hearing raves from the crunchier corners of the blogosphere about how great the Oil Cleansing Method for facewashing is. So, today I bought a bottle of castor oil, which I'll mix with equal parts olive oil, and slather it all over my face every night. If all goes well, maybe I'll follow the advice of the same ladies and go shampoo-free, too.

4. I had a good writing week last week; a lot of revising, and a little bit of new work. I have so much to do between now and February 1st, but I am beginning to think that it is within the realm of possibility that I'll have a first draft that might not make Chalice Press regret its decision to accept my book proposal. I'm even tentatively a little excited about it. I haven't really said to much here because it just felt so tender, but it's a collection of essays about ministry, motherhood, and marriage. If you're reading this I hope you'll be part of the demographic that might actually buy a copy... ;-)

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