Ten More Things

I am getting so very close to completing my manuscript. It is completely within the realm of possibility that I will be sending it off to Chalice Press by the deadline.

This morning Marie sent me an email with a link to a cute poster that says "It always seems impossible until you are done." Ain't that the truth.

Ten more things I'm going to do, post-book, because right now that's just about all I can think about.

1. Get a massage.

2. Get another massage.

3. Get a... okay, you get the picture.

4. Organize my disaster of a closet. I'm almost exclusively wearing pregnant lady clothes these days, but I haven't cleared out the regular lady clothes yet, plus most of the maternity clothes are still in the basement, and you get the picture.

5. Replace my engagement ring. Yes, not months after Ben lost his wedding ring, my engagement ring disappeared. Luckily, it's still available from the same place we got the first one. I briefly considered getting something different - maybe a garnet instead of an amethyst, or upgrading to white gold instead of silver, but no. I really, really love the ring Ben and I picked out together, and I want the exact same one.

6. Start a writing group at church. Ooh, am I excited about this.

7. Send several hundred tardy emails and thank-you notes.

8. Take my husband out on a date. We have Groupon tickets to Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, and I want to use them.

9. Do an interview with the feminist magazine Lisa founded at Kent State; the current editor just contacted me to say that they are putting together a special 10th anniversary edition. Lisa and I had met at the literary magazine and were in a philosophy class together; she approached me to ask if I would be the assistant editor for this magazine she wanted to start. Um... yes, yes, a million times yes. We quickly became best friends and roommates, so the 10th anniversary of the magazine is also our tenth anniversary. I told her that the traditional gift is tin or aluminum; she's going to send me a tin can.

10. Did I mention I really need a massage?

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