Ten on Tuesday: Post Book To-Do List

Juliette and I are both sick with the flu (or something like it). I have exactly two weeks to whip my manuscript into submission-ready shape. That makes this afternoon the perfect time to daydream ten things I will do when I'm done with my book.

Just for kicks, let's count backwards. Stick around to the end.

10. Take a vacation. Other than our wonderful but very brief trip to Zion last year, it's been a long time since I have ceased to work for reasons other than a job interview, an intensive writing week, or illness.

9. Start knitting again. I've been scarfless all winter because I was foolish enough to believe that I could knit one for myself before it got too cold.

8. Finish "slurping" my blog into Blurb books. I only did the first two volumes... which is to say, I haven't slurped a single Juliette year.

7. Print photographs. I haven't had a picture printed in over a year.

6. Do this to our refrigerator.

5. Cook a recipe from of each of the cookbooks we own, including the the one my mother just found in her basement - my old copy of the Little House on the Prairie Cookbook.
4. Pitch a great idea for a post - possibly even a mini-series of posts - to the Century blog.

3. Drum up the courage to take Juliette downtown to the Art Institute by myself on one of our weekday afternoons off.

2. Find some good Christmas ornament patterns, and make them. I realized this year that my favorite and best Christmas decorations are the ones that were handmade by my grandmother, mother, and sisters. I made some paper ornaments while I was in seminary, but I'm thinking felt or yarn.

1. Have a baby! This is the only item on my to-do list that comes along with a due date: July 2011.

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