Ten on Tuesday

1. Since Sunday's post was a behemoth, this one's going to be quick.

2. I let my cell phone contract run out and got a TracFone. The hardest part of the transition is remembering to charge something I never use. I'm near a phone most of the time anyway, can access Wifi on my iPod fairly easily, will save a ton of money, and... well, lets just say this NYT article freaked me out a bit.

3. Today when we left the post office, Juliette said, "We didn't bring the wagon." We walked to the post office with the wagon in October. She remembered.

4. My random ESP struck again: I knew I was going to win this really cool photo planner when I entered the contest over at Yeah, Write. I also knew I was going to win the makeover at afterprom my senior year of high school. I really like to put my ESP to good use.

5. I had a gift certificate and coupon to Half Price Books from Christmas, and when we stopped in the other day I bought all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books I didn't already own for $15. I'm currently reading On the Banks of Plum Creek, which was the last one I read as a kid, which is so weird because it was also my favorite one.

6. I have designs on a family trip to Minnesota, to visit Andrea and Alan, see Ruth again, meet J.J., show Ben the St. John's Bible in Collegeville, and... visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum. Some day.

7. I'm amazed by how many brilliantly sunny winter days there are in the Chicago area. No offense, Cleveland, but you're awfully gray in the wintertime.

8. That said, I'm really glad we're on the other side of the winter solstice. In the early fall when I picked Juliette up from school at 4:30, there was still so much daytime left. I hate that it's already dark out when I pick her up. The sun sets about a half hour earlier here than in Cleveland and LA, so these have been the earliest sunsets I've experienced in my life.

9. I really love this picture of Juliette and me, taken by Aunt Lisa.
10. That also reminds me of the other pictures we "took" when Aunt Lisa and John were visiting in November. We were walking around the campus of the University of Chicago (which is gorgeous), and there was a great spot to take a few snapshots. The Persheys were already posing when Lisa realized she'd forgotten her camera. But it was such a great spot we just pretended to take the picture anyway, and then I proceeded to "take a picture" of Lisa and John in the same place. Maybe we don't have the actual 4x6es, but I'm willing to bet that we would have forgotten about it altogether if we hadn't been so silly.

Happy Tuesday.

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