Snow Day

They really weren't kidding this time; the snowfall measurement topped out at 20.2 inches, third only to the major blizzards of '67 and '99. It was eerily quiet this morning. Normally, since we live on a busy street, we're awakened by the rush hour traffic. This morning there wasn't a peep. In addition to the heavy snowfall, there was also a lot of wind, and therefore huge snowdrifts.
There's an entire kid-sized picnic table under there somewhere.

Ben helped shovel our next door neighbors' drive first - they have a snowblower, but it didn't really work very well in the driveway entrance. They had to get their driveway cleared as she's a doctor on call.

After a break, we all bundled up to go outside. The sun came out, and it was just lovely. Ben had his work cut out for him:What you can't see in this picture is the other neighbor behind me, who came over with his mega blower to help dig out our driveway entrance.

Juliette and I had a blast. Ben wouldn't let me shovel much (that one-two punch of baby + bad back really gets me out of certain activities), but I helped Juliette make snow angels and swing. I had to raise the swing about a foot to make it high enough. I made as many snow angels as Juliette, only I don't have a fancy snowsuit, so I ended up with a lot of snow up my back.

Here's Juliette standing on the buried chair:
Ben had just gone in to take another break when two more neighbors drove up with shovels in the trunk - my Senior Pastor and another church member, making the Good Neighbor rounds. They knocked out the rest of the driveway in less than a half an hour:I think the biggest and best memory of this day will always be what wonderful neighbors we have.

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