Ten on Tuesday: Still Here Edition

1. We're still here. There are just some seasons of life that preclude much blogging, and this has been one of them. I'm absolutely gobsmacked that we're nearing the end of February.

2. I'm experimenting with red lipstick. I know that there are many more important things going on in the world right now, but there it is: red lipstick.

3. Juliette has been to a number of great playdates lately. It is so fun to be in a community where somebody always seems to have an extra sandwich/carseat/spot in their playroom for your kid.

4. Speaking of our kid: she received a great evaluation from her church preschool teachers today. They think she's smart, funny, has a great laugh, and plays equally well with girls and boys. They also explained that the reason she never brings home much artwork is because the project table is optional, and she isn't into it. She's been coloring more lately, but much prefers books and games.

5. She is also into - very, very into - connect-the-dots writing. In addition to practicing her name, "Mama," and "Daddy," she recently requested me to dot "Dear Daddy, I love you!" for her to fill in. This was a project they did at her other school, and she's hooked.
6. I preached on Sunday for the first time in a long time - since the beginning of January. It was so good to have a break while I was finishing up (and recovering from) the book, but it was also good to be back. I realized that this associate ministry gig is a great one for me because I love preaching... and I love not preaching. Can't lose.

7. One of the women in my fabulous writing group was recently quoted in Politics Daily, along with The Young Clergy Women Project. I felt like a stage mother.

8. I'm beginning to look pretty darn pregnant. Originally we were going to find out the gender tomorrow, but it turns out that our insurance doesn't cover the "level two low risk" ultrasound. I rescheduled to have one in the office (which I'd considered doing in the first place), but they can't fit me in for a couple more weeks.

9. Boy or girl? We're pretty sure we have names for both.

10. We took a wonderful winter hike in the local Forest Preserve on Saturday morning. It was crisp and muddy and a whole lot of fun. Juliette saw this trunk and exclaimed "that looks like a fox!"Sure enough, it does. She's a clever one, our girl.

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