Ten on Tuesday

1. I submitted my manuscript to Chalice Press on January 30th... two whole days before deadline. I'm still a little dazed, not entirely believing that this stage of the process is done.

2. I cannot overstate how very grateful I am that my Mama came to the rescue last week. Juliette probably had one of the best weeks of her life, playing endless rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippo and Animal Bingo with her Grandma.
3. Juliette barely watched any television all week, a much needed weaning from the tube after the week before. Between the flu and the impending deadline, she probably watched even more television than in the days she was recovering from her ear tubes surgery. I'm glad to be back to the "less is more" philosophy with the TV.

4. Though if we really get twenty inches of snow and are stuck in the house for a long time, I wonder how long it will take for us to revert back to the "more, more, more" philosophy?

5. Juliette received some marvelous birthday gifts this year, including a handmade doll named Sally, crafted by the same pair that made her heirloom Nikki McClure quilt. Love.
6. I though that whole Tiger Mother kerfluffle was pretty fascinating, and really appreciated this article by my long-time internet friend, Bethany Keely-Jonker: Why Christians Shouldn't Play the Tiger Mother Game. (I "met" Bethany on the Over the Rhine listserv twelve years ago. In internet years, that's an entire century.)

7. We'd planned an uber-simple birthday party for Juliette this year: a tea party with two girls from her preschool class. Good thing it was so simple, because it made it a lot easier to postpone and reschedule when the influenza hit. After a mad dash to make the house presentable after several weeks of book neglect, we hosted a very successful shindig on Saturday afternoon. Just imagine this photo accompanied by extensive giggling:

The biggest hit of the party, other than the pink dress up clothes and the new Dora doll and the cupcakes and the tangerines and the banana bread and the real tea sets, was the Michael Franti Dance Party Segment. We've become some serious Michael Franti fans in these parts.

8. My book got its first favorable review. It made me so weepy I can only imagine what the bad reviews will do to me... though at least by that point, my synapses won't be flooded with pregnancy hormones.

9. Seventeen weeks, baby. :)

10. I like this picture, although Juliette and I come across as a little bit grabby. One of these days we'll manage to take a family photo that doesn't make me chuckle for all the wrong reasons...

Happy Tuesday!

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