Chicken Escapades

Juliette and I just got back from a quick but wonderful two-day jaunt to visit friends south of Indianapolis. Most of our time was spent with Anna, Ben, Mia, and Jed. Their backyard has become one of my very favorite places on earth. We decided to lay low all day yesterday, eating homemade Pad Thai (among other homemade delicacies), hanging out by the campfire, and, of course, watching the chickens.The last time we were there, we witnessed some Seriously Cute Toddler Flirting between Juliette and Jed.
I suppose what unfolded this time was merely the natural progression.

Jed is a really good driver. Like, not even just for a four year old. He's better than a lot of drivers I've encountered in Chicago. Juliette was thoroughly enjoying her ride.But then trouble brewed. Mind you, I'm not remotely making up the following dialogue exchange. It really happened.

As they turned the corner, we heard Juliette shout, "We're going to get stuck!""No we're not," Jed said, in an ever-so-slightly hen-pecked tone of voice."We're fine." End of conversation.
The grown-ups laughed so hard we nearly fell off our chairs.

Juliette has just as much love for Mia; her only full-fledged meltdown of the trip was on account of having to part from Mia last night.

Truly, the only thing better than spending time with some of my oldest and dearest friends is knowing that we're totally setting our kids up to be oldest and dearest friends, too.

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