Ten on Tuesday

1. These pink shoes are the same pink shoes I used to nonverbally announce the girlness of baby #1. I would have been thrilled to have a boy, I'm sure, but I'll admit that the thought of another daughter makes me very, very, very happy.

2. We thought we had a name all picked out, a lovely first-and-middle name combo. And then I googled it. I don't think it's possible for a search result to have been more sullying than the search result it generated. Nothing wrong with the name itself, but the icky actions of a person who has it did it in. I think we've come up with an even better alternative.

3. I gave up on the hair donation project. It wasn't so much a desire to have short hair again - though there was that - as a realization that I do not have the kind of hair that can grow long. It was splitting off like crazy, and never would have been strong enough to be woven into a wig. Sadly in my haste to hack it off I didn't take a picture; it was really long, for me. Now it's nice and short.

4. A couple weeks ago I lead a youth study on Glee, based on a curriculum downloaded from The Thoughtful Christian. We watched some clips and read some scripture passages, and discussed them in relation. It went really well. No boys showed up, but the girls' observations were thoughtful and mature. I continue to be so impressed with The Thoughtful Christian resources.

5. I just read Pillars of the Earth in a week and a half. I could barely put it down while I was reading it, it's so engrossingly soap operatic.

6. There are a lot more "serious" books on my list I intend to tackle, but I still haven't quite regained full brain function since finishing my book. One of these days...

7. On Sunday afternoon we decided to head downtown to The Magnificent Mile, the stretch of Michigan Avenue that is lined with stores. I had been under the impression that a Gap is a Gap is a Gap, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I nearly cried when I saw the vastness of the Maternity section. For whatever reason, a lot of the maternity clothes in my stash do not fit me very well this time around, even some of the staples I wore all the time when I was pregnant with Juliette. I got a handful of clearance clothes that will hopefully fill in the wardrobe gaps. (Particularly the gap in the general area of my lower back.)

8. We dared take Juliette into the American Girl Place store. She immediately kicked into a gear we've never before witnessed; normally, if she goes to a toy store, she finds a favored section and methodically and meticulously studies the toys therein. But at the AGP, she speedwalked through all the aisles, circling and weaving and completely wearing her parents out as we tried to chase after her. Thankfully, we managed to escape without a full-fledged tantrum. I'm fairly sure I would have thrown a fit large enough to merit law enforcement intervention had I been asked to leave such a doll store empty-handed at her age.

9. I will have twelve weeks of paid maternity leave.

That was a moment of silence as I pondered how extremely grateful I am to have been given such a great maternity leave policy.

10. My fantasy career is to be a radio deejay. And, thanks to a church member whose daughter is a student manager at the local (award-winning) high school radio station, I'm going to have my chance. On April 11th from 7-8pm Central Time, I'll be the guest DJ on WLTL 88.1. You can stream it here. My radio show title? The Reverend Rocks. Though it should probably be mentioned that I'm using the word "Rocks" rather generously. It's probably going to be a little more countrified than that. I'm super nervous but so very excited.

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