Later this month, we close on the purchase of our first home, thanks to financing assistance from the church.

It looks like this:Isn't it charming? It's a Dutch Colonial, built in 1929. It's small; even though it has three bedrooms, it's less square feet than the two bedroom house we're currently renting. We're okay with small. Less to heat, less to clean. And we've learned from having lived in bigger houses that we tend to congregate in the same rooms. We will have to come to terms with the 1929-sized closets, which are so tiny the hangers have to be hung sideways. We will simply have less stuff, and that's just fine. Preferable, really.

The house is within easy walking distance from the train station, the post office, the bakery, the dairy, the meat market, library, the hardware store, the elementary and middle schools, and several parks.

We probably could have bought a bigger house several miles away. But the trade-off wouldn't have been worth it for us. This was an amazing opportunity to discern what matters most to us, and we discerned that living - and walking - in this community was worth tiny closets.

Oh, and a tiny kitchen. (The dishwasher looks like someone ran it through the dryer.) But it's adorable! And I'm daydreaming about all the meals I'm going to cook up in this lovely little space.
So yeah, another move. Another transition in this year of so much change. But it feels good to make a move that is intended to last.

No: great. It feels great.

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