Monday Miscellany

1. I was going to write a real post, but then I got caught up in reading old blog archives. There's an awful lot of really funny stuff here that I totally would have forgotten about if it hadn't been for the blog.

2. That reminds me, I'm supposed to be working on the next few volumes of my Blurb blog books. I only completed the first two; Juliette hadn't even been born yet.

3. That project will have to wait a bit longer. We close on the house this week, and will be moving within the next three weeks. Today we signed the financing paperwork with the church in preparation for our final closing. Juliette was along, and was being very shy until the very end, when she addressed all the adults in the room in a loud and clear voice: "We're buying a new house!" Indeed.

4. Another Juliette quote from today:

Juliette: "I have a stomach ache."
Mama: "How long have you had a stomach ache?"
Juliette: "Umm... forty minutes."

5. If you are my friend on Facebook or if you have encountered me In Real Life, you know that I've been sick with a respiratory infection for over a week. I started to get better toward the end of last week and then it came back with a vengeance, just in time for Easter. To quote my most recent status update: I cried uncle. Praise the Lord and pass the antibiotics.

6. Juliette and I wandered through the Container Store last week, and I made an impulse purchase: two bottles from Life Factory. They are glass encased in a silicone sleeve. I got a big one for me and a little one for Juliette.Lo and behold, upon visiting their website, I learned that they also make glass baby bottles. Um, sign me up. The plastic baby bottles in the basement are almost certainly not BPA-free. Behold: They make sippy cups, too. I'm smitten. (Now here's hoping kid #2 doesn't reject bottles of breastmilk the way her sister did.)

7. Despite the waves of illnesses crashing through the Pershey household, Juliette managed to look pretty dapper on Easter morning:Yay for hand-me-downs! Erica made the lovely sweater, which we will be carefully returning for permanent safekeeping in Zora's hope chest.

8. Good thing it isn't Tuesday, and I have no contractual requirement to reach 10 items. Goodnight. :)

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