The Great Meat Pickup of 2011

So, Over the Rhine was in town last night. Great show, of course. Up until the day of I was uncharacteristically planning to sit this one out - you know, save a few bucks for the move and all. But then I started getting twitchy. As it turns out, it takes a much more compelling reason than the desire to save $25 to keep me from an Over the Rhine show. Problem was, I'd waffled so much my potential date (Erica) had understandably made other plans. I am totally fine with many solo activities, from eating out alone to going to movies alone, but I'm not really game for driving to Lincoln Park for a late show alone. Besides, everything is more fun with a friend.

Enter: Heidi. Heidi is my brand new friend. We've seen each other precisely twice, once at a continuing ed thing (she's an Episcopal priest) and then once for lunch. I knew she liked Over the Rhine, and as it turns out she's been listening to them longer than I have, since 1997, when I was still a high school junior rocking out to Tori Amos.

I sent her an email asking if she might be interested in going with me. She responded to say that she'd love to, except that she couldn't. She had to pick up her meat from the CSA at 7pm.

If I didn't know how Community Supported Agriculture works, I would have totally thought she was searching for an excuse slightly better than having to stay home to wash her hair. But I do know how CSAs work, how you have to show up at a particular time and place to get your goods.

I mentioned the conundrum to Ben. He immediately offered to pick up Heidi's meat for her, despite the fairly long round trip it would entail. (How nice is my husband??) A perfect solution: he would drop me at her place, and as we took off for downtown Chicago he'd head over to the meat pickup and deliver it to the freezer in her garage.

Only, as I was starting to write an email to Heidi, my brand new friend, suggesting the plan, Ben noted how incredibly desperate and not a little weird this might sound to Heidi, my brand new friend. I mean, shouldn't I at least attempt to ration the crazy?

But, we're talking about Over the Rhine. I don't really dole out any of my crazy all that slowly, and especially not my Over the Rhine crazy. It just falls out all over the place, despite my best attempts. So I sent the email, all the while laughing so hard I could barely type, and to my delight Heidi was game. The night unfolded without a hitch: the meat made it to Heidi's freezer and we made it to the concert.

Ben did note during dinner tonight that he never actually met Heidi, or even saw her. He suggested the possibility that I might have had a hot date last night and that he unwittingly picked up the hot date's CSA order. But I will soon prove Heidi's existence: assuming I haven't yet scared her away, the plan is that she and her husband are going to have a BBQ with Ben and me. After all, they do have a lot of meat in their freezer.

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