Book Title!!!

I am so very excited to announce that the title of my book shall be:

Any Day a Beautiful Change:
A Story of Faith and Family

It only seems right to share the news here.

I picked that title for my blog back in July 2004. Just as the blog itself was a whim, so was the title. I'd been listening to Befriended by The Innocence Mission nonstop that summer and especially loved the song "Beautiful Change." I couldn't imagine at the time how much that phrase would come to mean to me. Receiving Karen Peris's blessing to borrow it for the book title just makes me overjoyed.

For the record, even though the book will have the same title as my blog, there isn't a whole lot from here that will be there. I think just two posts were extended into full chapters. That said, this archive was an invaluable extension of my memory.

So, just one more time for kicks:

Any Day a Beautiful Change: A Story of Faith and Family
(forthcoming from Chalice Press early 2012)

There is exciting news about the cover art, too, but I'm going to savor each bit separately. Thank you for reading, and for celebrating with me, and stay tuned...

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