Ten on Tuesday: Photo Edition

This has not been a year of extensive photography. I noted on Facebook the other day that I need to get a photo of myself pregnant before I'm not pregnant anymore... to which a clever friend pondered, "How does one get a photo pregnant?" Har har. Fortunately it just so happened that we had a (lovely!) Memorial Day BBQ with an extremely talented photographer; unfortunately we didn't know that going in, so I was bereft of eyeliner (don't judge) and Ben had a bad case of hat hair. Oh well... at least we're keepin' it real. I can't wait to see the fruits of the photoshoot.

In the meantime, I have taken quite a few photos in the last few days. Here goes.

1. Ben and I spent the weekend in Chicago the week before last, thanks to the excellent childcare provided by my dear Mama. It was the first time we'd ever been away from Juliette at night, ever. And it went just fine. We had a great time in the city, though it was a lot of walking for a pregnant lady (we were car-free for the weekend). At one point we were taking a breather in the Member Lounge of the Art Institute, and I fell asleep for a little bit, as in: open-mouthed drooling public slumber. And when I woke up, obviously not fully awake, I said to Ben a little bit too loudly, "I'd like a cookie now." Because I'm, like, an adult.

But anyway, downtown Chicago is full of the most beautiful flower planters. These went on for nearly a whole block:
2. It never gets old. Never.
3. Oh, do I ever love our new kitchen, even if it does have funky lighting for food photography. You don't even want to know the unnatural tricks I played in iPhoto to make the spinach look remotely green.
4. I scandalized a lot of people on FB by gushing about my love of spinach in smoothies. A close up just for the apparent gross-out factor:Yum.

5. We set out for a walk around our new neighborhood after the big rain on Saturday. Ben is strategically placed in front of our embarrassingly decrepit front steps, and our aging roof is mercifully washed out. We're working on getting them fixed.
6. One of my great loves is the smell of the world after a good spring rain. And a girl who is so spunky she's even spunky from behind.
7. I meant to take a picture of Juliette with the pretty flowers behind her, but I couldn't help but lean in close for the full cuteness effect. What a cheese.
8. They really were pretty flowers. Does anyone know what this is?
9. We had a truly great Memorial Day. In addition to the aforementioned BBQ (which was, in fact, the eagerly-awaited follow-up to The Great Meat Pickup of 2011), we also attended the short but sweet Memorial Day Parade in Western Springs. I have to admit the best part was my relief that they didn't sound all the sirens when the police cars and fire trucks passed by. That, and the sight of Juliette and her friends delighting in every little thing. (Well, especially the candy.)
10. And then, last but not least, the best of the bunch. What more does a girl need than a pretty sundress, a pink ribbon, a basket of books, and the morning sun on her toes?

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