A Rare Rant

I figure it's a blogger's prerogative to use her space to rant every so often. Consider yourself duly warned.

This morning - about thirty minutes ago - I dropped Juliette off at her new school. It's the fourth school she's attended in her life, and is the sister school to the one she has attended two days a week for the last year. She's always been a super social kid, so even though there have been some tough mornings here and there, she invariably reports that her favorite part of her day is the time she's spent at school.

This school, or collection of schools, is not my favorite. We loved her small and wonderful Montessori school in California, and consider ourselves incredibly blessed that she gets to attend the church preschool down the hall for a few more years. But we need an option for some full days and summertime, and this one she's been attending more or less fits the bill. We did decide, however, to switch her to the one in our town (as opposed to the one the next town over) because her classroom situation has been so chaotic and loud ever since she moved up to the three-year-old room. This one is also closer, within walking distance. We decided to make the switch now, when the school is transitioning into its summer program, and a month before the baby is slated to appear.

Okay, transitions are tough for three-year-olds. I fully expected Juliette to have a little difficulty getting her bearings this morning. But I also expected her new teacher to introduce herself and enthusiastically welcome Juliette into her new classroom. Maybe even introduce the other kids. We did arrive, after all, during the morning open playtime, not in the middle of a lesson. But that's not what happened. After bumbling around to find someone to let us past the security-coded door and to figure out which classroom she was supposed to be in, we entered the room with barely a glance and mumbled "hello" from the teacher. I had to ask her what her name was, because she just sort of nodded when I told her ours. She continued prepping paint for their mid-morning craft. I get it; you've got things to do to keep your classroom going. But don't you think it's in your best interest - let alone your new student's - to make the kid feel a little welcomed? I walked Juliette around the classroom and tried to help her meet the kids (some of whom were considerably more hospitable than their teacher). But I really can't blame her for clinging and repeatedly saying she didn't want to stay. I wouldn't have wanted to stay. I don't know if she cried after I left, but I sure did.

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