1. I experienced two strong symptoms when the temperature passed the 90 degree mark: the misplacement of my ankle bones, and a fierce desire to chop my hair off. I probably won't see my ankle bones again until late July, but the hair is gone.
2. It's currently 54 degrees. It was in the mid 90s yesterday. Whatever, Illinois.

3. I love this picture of my ruggedly handsome husband, taken on the pedestrian bridge between Millennium Park and the Art Institute.
4. We took a quick trip to Ohio last week. One afternoon Juliette and I moseyed around Kent. It was fun and even a little surreal to explore my college town with my three-year-old. She loved the Cuyahoga River.
She took to our friend Maj immediately. This was taken about five minutes after they met (for the first time since she was a baby, that is).
Juliette loves her Grandpa.
And her Aunt Lisa, who was a really good sport about running all over the yard at the end of a long day.
Lisa's hidden talent is natural-materials millinery. Isn't this hat divine?
That was right before Lisa accused me of having the purse contents of a junior high girl. Who says 30-year-old professionals can't carry Grape Bubblicious and oversized Cherry Lipsmackers in their camera bags?

5. I'm slowly recovering from writing my book, and have published a couple pieces recently. I wrote about a completely inappropriate approach to remembering 9/11 in the Century Blog, and observed the one-year anniversary of having moved to Illinois in Fidelia's Sisters. We flew out of Long Beach to Chicago exactly one year ago today.

6. And finally, the lovely family photo our new friend Adam took.

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