Ten on Tuesday

1. We're officially full term. I'm actually feeling really good, a million times better than I did a month ago. The two biggest factors in the turnaround: being mostly moved in, and getting back to the pool a couple times a week. Oh, how I love to swim.

2. I've also been mowing the lawn with our push reel mower. I can tell that half the people walking by think I'm crazy - the general perception is that the lack of motor means that it's harder work. But the mower is so light it's a great, gentle workout. I'm holding out hope that that the push reel mower revolution is growing. Our mailman stopped by while I was out the other day, complimented our mower selection, and said how glad he is that he's seeing more and more out in the neighborhoods.

3. Juliette just brought me a photo of our wedding day. "Mama, look it! You got married!"

4. I've downloaded some really good music from Noisetrade recently, especially this one by the Civil Wars. Sometimes live albums aren't the best introduction to a new band, but this is a great recording.

5. We are now in possession of an ice cream maker. I cannot wait to get started. It was only $30 at Costco and highly recommended by a friend, and I'm thinking we're going to get some pretty good use out of it.

6. Juliette is doing the reading program at the library this summer. She reads so much these days - by herself and with us - it feels funny to suddenly add prizes to the mix; she really doesn't need the incentive of free pizzas and silly bands. Might as well reap the rewards, though, even if she'd be doing it anyway.

7. I had a great pastoral care moment today. I was talking to a woman whose elderly husband has taken off on a great bucket list adventure. I exclaimed that he was really "plucky" to do so. She was so enamored of that description that she wrote it down and said that's how she's going to refer to it from now on, instead of the other slightly-less-than-supportive ways she could refer to it. It made me feel so confirmed in my call, like: yes, there is a place for a lover of words in pastoral ministry, and not just in the pulpit. And likewise confirmed in my belief that the right words can be a gift.

8. We didn't think we were going to swing a garden this year, but last week we were gifted a wagon full of tomato plants. So we bartered with our neighbors - a raised bed box for a night of babysitting. And now it sounds like we're going to pick up a few more plants as our industrious gardener friends are culling their overgrown beds. Looks like we'll have a harvest after all!

9. I started a blog at the local Patch site; my hope is that it will be a place for locally-flavored ruminations on faith and spirituality. My first post was about the prayer flags at church.

10. The new Nikki McClure book is delightful.

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