Before I Forget, Part II

I'd meant to ask Ben to call me when they were on the way to the maternity ward. Several people told me how important it is to not have the baby in your arms when the big sibling comes into the hospital room; that way they can hug you and/or not feel replaced. As it turns out, Genevieve actually deigns to be set down every once in a while - unlike her sister before her, who pretty much screamed bloody murder any time we dared set her in the bassinet. But my open arms were irrelevant. Juliette only had eyes for the baby."Mama, she's so nice!"She said this over and over again. She's so nice. We told her the name - and hearing Juliette repeat Genevieve made me all weepy.We set Juliette up with the pillows to hold the baby, a task she approached with great care, enthusiasm, and tenderness. And, well, possessiveness. Poor Grandma had waited patiently for her turn to hold the baby, and when she finally went to take her turn, Juliette said, "Don't touch her! She's my baby!"And that's how it's been, from the start. She speaks of Genevieve as my baby, our baby. It won't always be that way. The novelty will wear off. There will be jealousy at some point, and rivalry. There will be spats over toys, and eventually clothes. But these girls have had a wonderful start to their relationship.I'll have to post the footage of Juliette singing the song we made up:
Juliette and Genevieve are sisters
Juliette and Genevieve are sisters

Juliette loves Genevieve

and Genevieve loves Juliette

'Cause Juliette and Genevieve are sisters
It is strange, but lovely, to have known one of my daughters for three-and-half years, and the other for two weeks.Love.

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