House Love

Two things happened this week to increase my love for this house exponentially. First, we have a new roof. We decided to go with green, to offset the brick work. Here's a shot of the back of the house, which is just so charming I can hardly bear it.I had assumed that the room on stilts is an addition, but it's original. (Thankfully, it's not solely dependent on stilts, but rests on the attached garage.) It's the extra bedroom/ reading room with the built in bookshelves. I haven't gotten a good photograph of them yet. The poetry and young adult books are shelved there.

So this morning, a woman who grew up in the house stopped by with her husband. I recognized her name; I'd heard about the family who had lived here for many, many years. Her mother was a teacher at the local elementary school. They were really nice and grateful that I was willing to let them come in and take a tour. I think it was just as cool for me as it was for her; we got to hear about the way the house used to be before the renovations - I learned all about the breakfast nook that's been replaced by a pantry, the indoor/outdoor green carpet in the kitchen, the wood paneling in the dining room, where they kept their linens in the linen closet-free house. But the very coolest part was when she introduced herself to Juliette, and asked her how old she was, and they talked about how they both moved into this house at age three. She was thrilled that a family is here; I'm pretty sure the whole visit made her day. I sent her on her way with a photo of her in front of the house, taken under the condition that when she shows it to her mother she has to pass along our promise to fix the steps.

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