Interlude: Help Heartline

I wanted to continue the story, before I forget. But the same back pain that descended upon me after Juliette's birth settled in a few days ago, and I'm not quite functional again yet.

So, in the meantime: an interlude, and request. For all my frustrations with medicalized childbirth, I'm extremely grateful to have given birth in a safe and clean environment. Childbirth can be dangerous for mamas and babies, a fact that is easy for us to forget in our cushy labor and delivery units.

Heather Hendrick, the brilliant and funny blogger I wrote about for the Christian Century blog, is returning to Haiti after a summer in Texas to continue working with Heartline Ministries. Among other things, Heartline helps women by providing pre-natal, maternity, and breastfeeding support. They are currently raising funds to build a maternity center. You can read about the plans here, or you can just go straight to this grant site and cast your vote to fund their incredibly important mission.

You don't even have to register for the site; just click/click. That simple. But you might also try click/click/give, or click/click/pray. I hear that helps, too.

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