Moving into a new house + preparing for a new baby = Mondo Nesting Extravaganza.

We don't have much by way of foyer space, and if I don't have specific places to put things when I enter the house, it's one big cluttery disaster. So, we needed organizational solutions(!!!). As it turns out, I have been hiding a latent organizational solutions(!!!) gene. Behold:The shoe bench is crucial. Almost as crucial as the mail spot. When we enter the house, we can dump our shoes in this handy bench. At least, when they aren't snow-covered boots.

I was originally thinking we'd have a mail/keys/etc. spot in the dining room, but then we happened upon this aesthetically and functionally perfect bureau at good ole TJ Maxx. To be completely honest, it was a little over budget. I'm usually the naysayer about not-entirely-necessary purchases, but I lobbied hard. I figure that we're going to be here for a long time, and my general happiness level is remarkably dependent on my general clutter level. It even has his and hers sides - organizational solution(!!!).

Don't mind the Over the Rhine poster that has not yet been hung in what will be the Over the Rhine-themed dining room. Two records and two Clinton Reno posters will eventually be on display.Poor guy, just trying to eat his watermelon. And don't mind the wrinkly tablecloth; I don't. Life is too short to iron tablecloths, eh?

Moving on up the stairs...
We asked the previous owners to leave the nails in the walls because I wanted to have our pictures hung before 2014.

Here, I'll help you get your bearings. This is what you see from the landing on the stairs:Hello, shoe bench and little green cabinet of organizational solutions(!!!). Thanks for holding down the fort.

Oh, about that railing. Totally not safe for kiddos. I mean, you could probably shove an entire side of beef through those gaping holes. But if you look closely you can see that the previous owners sealed it off to the floor with a handy transparent barrier. It may not be the classiest trick, but safety solutions(!!!) are even more important than their organizational cousins.

Alrighty. This is the entrance to the back bedroom, from inside the bedroom.Built-ins. Be still my heart.

This is our poetry collection.In addition to being the guest and reading room, this is where the rocking chair fits, so it may also be the nursing room.It has a pretty view of the backyard.It also has an entrance onto the flat roof, which does not have a safety railing. Whoa, nelly. We didn't like that, and the insurance company really didn't like that. While we'd eventually like to turn it into a second floor porch, for the time being we'll be adding a deadbolt to the two locks that are currently in place.

I really love our house.

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