Waiting (Patiently) for Baby

If you read my blog in January 2008, you might remember that I was wildly impatient about Juliette's arrival. I was convinced she was coming early, so she felt tardy even before her due date. When she showed up about a week late, I was close to losing my mind. That was in part because I'd started my maternity leave too early, and so was scheduled to return to work four weeks from her birth day (my church gave me an extra week). I was also physically uncomfortable; I remember my hips ached terribly. And emotionally I was a big anxious mess.

This time around, I'm feeling remarkably patient. Even with the heat and humidity, I'm not remotely as big and uncomfortable as I was last time. There will certainly be a learning curve for baby #2, but I'm not experiencing the same abject fear about becoming a mother. I'm actually sort of trying to honor and enjoy these last few days of having an only child. And, since I have twelve glorious weeks of maternity leave, it will be perfectly okay to spend the first two resting and nesting. If that's the case, I'll still have twice as long as I did last time to recuperate.

So, I'm going into this one with patience and gratitude and confidence. Which is lovely, though probably not as fun as impatient haikus and limericks.

The due date is July 12th. Ben and Juliette both independently guessed July 5th. I'm saying July 17th - especially since, like Juliette, this one dropped really low but recently popped back up again. We'll keep you posted...

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