Celebrating Success

There are some people you'd love to see succeed. And then there are some people you'd really love to see succeed. Thanks to the FB age, for the last year, I've been following the amazing career of my old friend Matthew Zink. Last I'd heard, he had taken the Kent State University Fashion Department by storm, and scored an internship with in New York City with Carolina Herrera.

Matt was a great friend in high school. We were show choir buddies. He helped me pass chemistry. He took me to a dance when my college boyfriend was over the high school social scene. And with apologies to all my other dance dates, Matt kinda blew them out of the water. Granted, we didn't have the whole angsty "boyfriend/girlfriend" vibe working against us, but the night I spent dancing like a fool in the Stow High Commons with my dear friend Matt was all kinds of fun. We really, really wanted him to come to my girls-only sixteenth birthday party, so much so that we devised a plan that he would help me scrub all the patio windows to convince my mother he should be granted a waiver. Windows were washed, but the request for waiver was not granted. (My mother has since admitted that she totally should have let him come.)

So, my friend Matt is wildly successful at what he does, and what he does is design clothes. After working for the Victoria's Secret swimwear line for a while, he launched his own Charlie by Matthew Zink line. (Ben likes that I actively encourage him to check out girls in bikinis when Matt launches a new season.) His work is gorgeous, and is the darling of celebrities and upscale boutiques. I got so excited about seeing one of his swimsuits in a magazine at the obstetrician's office that I had to show the nurse before she took my blood pressure. It looks like Matt will be doing full collections before too long, and I can't wait to celebrate that stage of his career as well. It's just so wonderful to watch someone so creative and smart and good-hearted do so well. 

Matt modeling a suit in Esquire Magazine

Jennifer Love Hewitt in one of Matt's designs

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