Ten on the Day After Tuesday

1. It is 6:44 and both of my children are in bed. Juliette is in the throes of giving up her nap again; she was done with it last spring, but the heat and fun of summer meant we had a nap reprise. On days she naps she can't fall asleep until after ten (boo!), but on days she doesn't she can hardly stay away for dinner. Exhibit A:

Tonight she fell asleep on the couch in her tights, leotard, and long-sleeved turtlenecked dance cover-up. It is not easy to remove such a getup to get pajamas on a sleeping child.

2. Elizabeth gave me the heads up about this recently released study about aggression in nursing mothers. It is a fascinating - and funny - article, and you should totally read it. I love that there is scientific proof that I am not to be trifled with.

3. Which reminds me of a recent incident in which I was, in a manner, trifled with. A very distinguished dean of a very distinguished divinity school quoted the interview I did in the Christian Century, in a fairly critical way. (It had to do with the bit where I cast aspersions on academic biblical studies, implying that scholarly study alone isn't sufficient preparation for pastoral ministry, but that ministers need to learn how to read the bible in the context of the faith community as well.) Thanks to the beauty of the internet, I heard about the sermon the day of, watched it online the day after, and sent off a cordial but ever-so-slightly-ruffled response by weekend's end. The distinguished dean was super nice in his return email. I'm pretty sure he fell of his chair that his comments were virtually overheard so swiftly.

4. Speaking of the Christian Century, I wrote about the Back to Church Sunday video for their blog last week.

5. Juliette is not yet allowed to use our home computer, but she loves playing on the library computer. I shot this video last week, proof that she is always and ever Little Miss Giggles:

6. I was called a mean mama for not letting Juliette touch the computer or iPad. Not by Juliette, but by a certain older sister. (The one who had apparently never been on a treadmill until yesterday.) So, I rectified the situation by downloading Drawing Pad.

7. The older sister who has been around the treadmill a few times needs to update her Photo 365 already. Chop chop.

8. We have a smiler. Oh, do I adore baby Genevieve. We have gazing contests.
9. Having heard from Erica about her experiences trying to shop for some Missoni gear at her Chicago Target, I decided I was going to check things out at the very suburban Target near us. I was 100% confident that the Missoni frenzy wouldn't have hit the 'burbs. Believe me when I say there was precisely one tube top remaining in the women's clothing section. I did find a few things scattered throughout the store, but most of the cupboards were bare. The Missoni stuff is cute, but I'm more of a Liberty of London girl myself.

10. It's official: Ben is once again going to be a stay-at-home father. He turned in his notice last week and will be home as of October, when my maternity leave comes to a close. It worked for us last time, and I think it's going to work even better for us this time. Juliette and Genevieve and I are some lucky girls.

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