Exponentially Juliette

I don't know how else to put it: Juliette just seemed especially Juliette today. Like, exponentially Juliette. A few Sunday snapshots:

1. After a fairly rough morning, Juliette was a charmer at church. When I whispered to her that we were going to pray, she immediately folded her hands together and bowed her head. And then, when we had to dash out after worship to make it to the harvest festival an hour away - I was in possession of the worship bulletins, plus had to get there in time to issue the call to worship - she allowed herself to be ushered past the post-service treats without stopping to get a piece. She didn't so much as whine about it.

2. This is the doorknob hanger she made during Sunday school:

I think it is possible that I might overemphasize the "be careful with breakable stuff" principle. It does seem to work. Of course, by saying this I will completely jinx it, but Juliette has been using her Royal Dalton nursery dishes that are quite breakable for over a year now, without so much as a chip.

3. This is one of my all-time favorite Juliette moments. I could not stop laughing. After the worship service at the harvest festival, we were eating lunch with some of the folks from the other church. Juliette says to the woman across from us, "I like your hand toenails." Ohmygoodness, I just started giggling again. The woman did have very pretty polish on her hand toenails, otherwise known as fingernails. I think I just pulled my spleen.

4. After we got back from the festival, I was feeling the need to work off the four desserts I consumed (banana cake with cream cheese frosting, peach pie, apple pie, and half of Juliette's peanut butter-chocolate rice crispie treat). I went running and Juliette came along on her bike. She made for a great running partner; my running pace is precisely that of a preschooler on training wheels. She was quite encouraging, "Go! Go! You can do it!" until she decided it was time to go to the park. I tricked her into running drills with me - racing back and forth across the soccer field - until she decided it was time to be chased, fling herself on the ground, and wait for me to tickle her. We had so much fun. And I got an even better workout than I did yesterday when "Americano" came on at just the moment I was flagging.

5. I'm fairly sure Juliette has coined the next big phrase. When we were playing at the park, she kept exclaiming, "That's so kick!" You heard it here first.

6. I'm cheating: this one was from yesterday. But still in the same twenty-four-hour period. I was telling Juliette about how she could have some hot chocolate this winter, and asking her if she thought she'd like that, and as she went to answer in the affirmative, a big long strand of drool fell out of her mouth, completely accidentally. We guffawed. Methinks Juliette has a serious thing for chocolate.

7. Finally: Juliette still loves the hokey children's bible. She wanted to read the stories to Genevieve tonight. She did such a nice job of telling this one I had her retell it for the camera. Did you know the Three Wise Men went sailing with Jesus? Sure 'nuff.

That Juliette. She's just so... Juliette.

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