Forty-Three Pages Better Than Splendid

Chalice Press just started taking pre-orders for my book, Any Day a Beautiful Change: A Story of Faith and Family. The books will ship in February 2012; won't that be a nice midwinter pick-me-up?

Here's the official description:

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the minister with the baby carriage. In this collection of interrelated personal essays, Katherine Willis Pershey chronicles the story of her life as a young pastor, mother, and wife. At turns hilarious and harrowing, deeply moving and gently instructive, Pershey’s reflections will strike a chord with anyone who has ever rocked a newborn, loved an alcoholic, prayed for the redemption of a troubled relationship, or groped in the dark for the living God.

I worked so hard on this thing. Dude, I turned in forty-three pages of revisions after Chalice had said it was fine. Actually, they said it was "splendid." Which technically makes this forty-three pages better than splendid. Forgive me for being so direct, but pretty please won't you pre-order your copy today?

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