Midweek Miscellany

1. I am not going to reach my goal of reading 50 books this year. I've encountered an unusual number of books I just can't seem to finish this year, and also seem to spend more and more time reading the New York Times. I'm pretty much obsessed with the NYT Magazine. I learned so much about piracy in the Indian Ocean last week, and about food the week before, and about Mindy Kaling the week before that. It's good reading. So, as much as I hate to fall short of a goal, I'm going to have to just say: oh well.

2. Speaking of the New York Times, "Notes from a Dragon Mom" was a devastating and beautiful reflection that I highly recommend reading, but only if you have tissues on hand.

3. I finally took Ben to Egg Harbor Cafe for lunch today. It's a place that's only open for breakfast and lunch and is insanely busy on the weekends, so the previous iteration of our life didn't make it easy for Ben to eat there. Lawd, it's good food. I get the same thing every time - chilaquiles with eggs poached hard. Ben has historically been extremely leery about me ordering eggs poached hard, as they so often show up on the table looking like they are training for the Boston Marathon. Ew. I cannot. stand. runny. eggs. But Egg Harbor manages to get it right every time, and today the waitress even told me to check and make sure they were cooked enough before she left. Be still my hard-egg-yolk-loving heart!

4. I was feeling some momentary melancholy this afternoon as I started nursing Genevieve; having gone from spending nearly every waking moment with her to seeing her a few times throughout the workday for feedings, I fretted that she might start thinking of me as the milk machine. But then in the middle of eating she stopped, looked up at me, broke into an enormous grin that sent milk streaming out of her mouth and down her cheek, and then only after a moment of lovey gazing went back to her meal. Oh, sweet Genevieve.

5. And really, how amazing is it that I work full time yet rarely miss a feeding? Between living so very close and Juliette going to preschool at church, we've discovered that it's remarkably easy for me to nurse throughout the day. I think it's been over a week since she's had a bottle, which means I need to toss that one in the back of the fridge...

6. Juliette announced today that she intends to become a pastor. A few weeks ago she wanted to be a teacher, so we'll see. I could see her becoming either. I will be surprised if she doesn't end up in some sort of helping/healing profession.

7. I think the only television show I have loved as much as Parenthood was Six Feet Under. (Peter Krause wins!) I thought Six Feet Under made me a better pastor, and I think Parenthood makes me a better mother.

8. It looks as though I have finally scored my personal trifecta: I have a writing group, a book club, and a racquetball partner. That said, I did miss a meeting of my book club today on account of my post-maternity leave craziness.

9. Speaking of my writing group - holy cow, did we get brilliant news this week. Our panel discussion, "The Beloved Writing Community," was accepted for the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing (April 19-21). Dude, MARILYNNE ROBINSON is going to be there. Among so many other writers I deeply admire. Given that I started working on my part of our application on July 17th - that would be during the early hours of my labor - and we had to have it all in by August 1st - that would be when I had a two-week-old-baby - I'm tickled pink.

10. Ben painted Juliette's face on Saturday morning - no particular reason, just for fun. I'd say Juliette's shirt - which reads "My Dad Rocks" - is right on.

I'm thinking I'm all in for this "midweek miscellany" thing. No pressure to have ten items, no pressure to post on Tuesday... works for me.

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