Monday Miscellany

1. Last week was, as the kids say, a humdinger. (Actually, I don't think the kids say that. I think only my mother says that.) I kind of remember thinking I might be packing too much in to my first week back when I decided to start not one but two new programs. But I'm so pleased with how they both went. Our new weekly Bible study totally got the giggles over a very funny difference in translation, and we had ten people at our new monthly writing group.

2. Speaking of things mothers say, the other day I said, "What the...?" about something or another. And Juliette piped up, "Heck!" It was pointed out to me that "heck" is a lot better than some of the alternatives. Part of me feels kind of sheepish that I use the phrase "what the heck" enough that it can be a call-and-response with the three-year-old, but on the other hand, I can imagine my children recalling their mama's quaint syntax when they are adults, and that will surely be on the list.

3. "What the heck" reminds me of a related phrase that is apparently popular in Utah: "oh my heck." Which reminds me how much I miss my dear friend Charise, who introduced it to me. I once had a mug custom-emblazoned with that phrase for her. I hope she thinks about me when she uses it.

4. When I was little, we used to take first day of school photographs on a rock in our neighbors' yard. Juliette clambered onto this rock downtown the other day, and instead of harping at her to keep walking, I had a big wave of nostalgia and had to document it with another Instagram shot.

5. For the last four years I've written one-act plays for Ben for Father's Day, and now I'm expanding my drama-writing repertoire. I'm working on revisions for an original script for our family Christmas Eve pageant. It's pretty funny. At least, I laughed out loud while I was typing certain lines.

6. I loved this article by Carey Wallace about the discipline of creativity. I like that it is equally intimidating and inspiring, as I've always needed a bit of intimidation to access the fullness of my creativity.

7. This man adores his daughters, and they adore him right back:

8. On Friday night, I designed a website and I wrote an entire sermon in one sitting. Upon reporting this to both of my sisters and asking, "Why do I do things like that??", they both answered: because you're related to me. Being a Willis girl definitely entails hobbling away from creative projects, sore from hours of hunching over your work. We were wondering from whence this came, and I'm remembering a story about my grandmother in which broke her leg - it had fallen asleep while she was sitting, and it gave out when she stood up. How much do you want to bet she had been doing needlepoint?

9. Speaking of that website... my fancy new author website, compliments of Blogger: voila!

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