*Really* Good Recipe

I've tried two recipes from my Pinterest food board, and the first one was a forgettable flop. Literally... I can't even remember what it was. But oh, the broccoli-quinoa casserole? Insanely good. Before you roll your eyes and get back to what you're supposed to be doing right now, know that Ben was utterly convinced that he would dislike this, and he liked it a lot.

The original recipe is here. But I did a couple things that I think played a part in its awesomeness. I left out the splenda - not only do we not have splenda, but I was a little eeked out at the thought of adding sweetness to a savory dish. No thanks. I forgot to add the nutmeg. I used the Trader Joe's Cream of Shitake Mushroom soup (condensed and boxed), which I think is a little tastier than regular condensed soups. And finally I added about a half a package of diced tofu. It was a great addition, because it added a good amount of protein, and blended into the casserole so seamlessly you couldn't even tell it was there. (I'm fine with the presence of tofu, but certain others in the household were glad it was a well-behaved stowaway.)

Juliette did not eat the finished project, but ate her weight in tofu cubes, broccoli, and cheese while she was helping make it.

Really, really good main dish.

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