Sunday Night Miscellany

1. I'm back to work. And surprisingly, I didn't even need a nap after church. Everything went really well, except for Juliette's megatantrum after worship. And that wasn't specific to me going back to work, but Juliette just being Juliette. That kid has the most amazing energy, and we can thank our lucky stars that she uses it constructively most of the time.

2. Yesterday Genevieve and I spent the morning at a workshop at the Loyola University Museum of Art - "Theology, Art, and the Imagination: The Saint John's Bible." I sure do love the Saint John's Bible. They have an extremely nifty new teaching tool that leads you through a process of "visio divina" - like "lectio divina," only with the added dimension of images.

3. We are splitting a meat CSA share with our new next door neighbors. This makes me very happy on so many levels.

4. I admit that my favorite part of the New York Times is the Magazine; it's just so good, especially the Mark Bittman essays. Case in point: "Cooking makes you care about nourishment, family meals, relaxation, skills, control, health, the environment, culture and the earth. And it leads your kids to care about these things, too." Of course he goes on to say that's not enough, that we need a return to sustainability. See #3 above...

5. Juliette wants to be a ballerina for Halloween. I'm hoping she changes her mind, because it's pretty hard to trick-or-treat in a leotard. Brrr. We're trying to convince her that it would be really cool to be a gorilla in a tutu. Much warmer.

6. I'm thinking I should probably establish some sort of simple author website, with links to online booksellers, a bio, reviews, etc. If you have any advice about this, I would gladly accept it. I don't really want to turn this blog into book marketing central, y'know? I want it to be what it's always been: an ever-evolving space for writing practice and memory keeping.

7.  But speaking of my book: word has it from Chalice Press that it's going to be available for pre-order within the next few weeks. I continue to be equally excited and terrified about this whole thing.

8. Last week my writing group spent two days in Western Michigan, in a borrowed cottage by the lake. I cannot overstate how magnificent it was. Oh, did I mention we pooled resources to bring a nanny along? Yeah, that's how to do it.

9. My most recent Instagram favorite, from our lazy Saturday afternoon:

Juliette continues to be utterly in love with her sister.

10. And, lest you think I never use my real camera anymore:

11. Last but not least, we are all beyond excited to be dog sitting this week! Tomorrow we welcome little Odo for a week of Camp Pershey. 

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