The Benefits of Living in an Imperfect Family

I frequently hear reports about Juliette's Sunday School exploits. Oftentimes it's about her dancing. (How much do I love that her Sunday School class regularly includes dancing?!) That one time it was about how she had shared at length during their joys and concerns time about the temper tantrum she'd had that morning. And then the other day one of her teachers shared that they were making a list of ways they could help God - helping others, listening to their parents, picking up litter, etc. Juliette piped up that even when they didn't do the right thing, God forgives us and loves us anyway.

They were so impressed they had her repeat it. When we don't do the right thing, God forgives and loves us anyway.

The presumption, I presume, is that Juliette is a classic PK, the recipient of a rigorous religious education. And to some extent she is. We read Big Momma and pray together and tonight she watched the "God show" on my iPad (the Tommy Nelson Bible story app). But I can't help but think that the reason this kid knows about forgiveness is that we seek it so often in this family. "I'm sorry" is one of our top ten phrases.

Maybe top five.

Okay, fine, top three.

And I'm okay with that. We are imperfect. But we forgive one another and love one another anyway. And, from the mouth of my child: God forgives us and loves us anyway.

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