Book (And Snow Wolf) Update

Remember how Ben suggested one might purchase a copy of my book along with a Snow Wolf when ordering from Amazon? Guess what comes up on the bottom of the book listing, thanks to Amazon's algorithms?

"Customers who viewed this item also viewed the Snow Wolf."

I laughed out loud. It reminded me of a totally inane algorithmic suggestion back in the early days of Amazon selling things other than books; I think it was for a Friedrich Schleiermacher book, and the customers were also viewing underwear.

I don't think I will ever stop thinking things like that are funny.

Anyway, the really big news is that we finally have our cover. Marie took the photograph, and Elizabeth did a mock-up of the design to help me convey my vision to the folks at Chalice. Fitting for a book about family, eh?

Here it is:
I love it. I love that it's us, but that you can't actually see any of our faces. (Especially since I really disliked my haircut at the time.)

In other news, the Snow Wolf is now shipping for free! Two weeks ago it was $17. You know you want one...

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