Family, Afar

We just got back from a week in Arizona, visiting Ben's side of the family for Thanksgiving. Juliette was pretty excited to see her "big kid cousins" for the first time since early spring 2010.
Who knew that big kid cousins could be as fun as little kid cousins?
It was a wonderful visit.
Those big kid cousins were so great with their little kid cousins.
Supposedly Juliette even beat Austin once during their post-Thanksgiving feast arcade extravaganza.
Meanwhile, Genevieve chatted about politics with the grown-ups.
(Doesn't it look like that's what she's doing?)

After having seen most of our immediate family within the last few months, I'm grateful but also a little bit sad.

Maybe even more than a little bit sad.

Sometimes we go well over a year without seeing family members. We try to keep up, through phone calls and video chats and blog posts and Facebook (one of the cool things about having big kid nephews and niece - though, really, the older two aren't even big kids anymore. They're in college!).

But it isn't the same as seeing them in person. At this stage, even a few months means a whole lot of change, at least in the little kids. They are moving targets - no sooner do you get to know them on one visit, but time swoops in and transforms them into something new by the next visit.

It's a darn good thing we always manage to just pick up where we left off.

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