Ten on Tuesday

1. Shhh, don't tell G**gle, but I made a G+ account the other day and I cannot figure out the flow of that site for the life of me. Every so often a web thing comes along that is over my head. Like Twitter. I haven't the foggiest idea how a hashtag works, #excepttohavefiguredoutpeoplemakeupfakeones.

2. I ate sloppy joes yesterday for the first time in probably twenty years. Before I started working with people who are quite into them, I had nearly forgotten they even existed. I had to admit they were pretty tasty. Our ministry team has decided to have them for lunch on a quarterly basis; I volunteered to make the next batch from scratch. Supposedly you can't beat the can, but I'm boldly taking the manwichmafia on.

3. How fun is it that I work with people who make long-term plans involving sloppy joes? And if that weren't enough, we've been dipping into some leftover ice cream and root beer in the church kitchen to make root beer floats.

4. Juliette and Ben have been getting into all kinds of papercrafting lately; they are destined to be the team to beat in the World Kirigami Competition in 2016, if there is such a thing. And, Juliette's drawing has exploded. She draws all kinds of things that look like the things they are supposed to be.

Exhibit A, Rapunzel:

Exhibit B, Tiger:

5. Five or six years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a pair of lavender pajamas with scotty dogs printed all over them. Reader, I did not know I wanted such unusual pajamas until they landed in my lap one fateful Christmas morning. I have worn those flannel lovelies into the ground. Today Ben surprised me with red and white polka dot replacements. They aren't scotty dogs, but they'll do!

6. I love this baby. She is just so sweet.

 So, so sweet.

7.  This morning I mixed up a new batch of my face cleanser, which is 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of castor oil. Oh, and a few drops of Tea Tree oil, but that's totally optional. It took me about a year to use up the first batch. I absolutely adore the Oil Cleansing Method for face washing: cheap, natural, effective, pleasant.

8. I planned our worship service for the first Sunday of Advent this afternoon, and I felt all giddy just thinking about the purple paraments and greens and Advent candles. I love Advent, and the first Sunday of Advent is the one Sunday you really get to go all-out on Advent without the Christmassy stuff starting to sneak in.

9. I've been rereading Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace for my book group. He was such a brilliant, exuberant writer. I still grieve his death as a casual fan of his writing, and also as someone who knows people who knew and loved him personally, not as "David Foster Wallace" but as Dave.

10. Perhaps it's a bit late to be posting the Halloween photos, but I only just got around to taking them off my camera. Juliette was a fantastic Fancy Nancy, and Genevieve borrowed a Dillow costume to be an utterly bewitching witch.

Happy Tuesday!

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