Remember December

The pageant and the baptisms definitely loomed large in our Christmas celebrations, but there were quite a few memorable moments during the last month. Here are a few caught on Instagram, in no particular order.

1. Maddie wrote a wonderful poem to go with a shot of Juliette playing hopscotch taken by my father-in-law that I ran through instagram, and Elizabeth framed it beautifully.

 2. With Grandpa in town, Juliette got to hear the original Willis family version of T'was the Night Before Christmas.

3. Juliette was not shy about meeting Santa in the parlor during preschool.

4. One of my all-time favorite ornaments. Oh, how I want to make some new felt ornaments!

5. This was the third year our tree has been topped by a hand drawn star - made by Juliette at her Montessori school in California.

 6. It's hard to see here, but Juliette was holding an imaginary hamster for most of her preschool singalong. The teacher finally asked her to put it down, and she did, but spent the rest of the concert giving the girl behind her threatening looks - like, "Don't you DARE step on my hamster." We were in hysterics.

7. A completely spontaneous show of affection between darling little ballerinas.

 8. Christmas glowsticks were a big hit.

 9. Juliette gave Genevieve a sock monkey for Christmas.

 10. Juliette loves the little birdie in a cage from her Aunt Marie.

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