World Vision

Last night I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a long time.

I signed our family up to sponsor a little girl in Haiti through World Vision.

I chose Haiti because Heather Hendrick's blog about her family's missionary work in Haiti has affected me just about as deeply as anything I've ever read. I have a shelf on GoodReads for "life-changing books," and if her blog was a book, it would be on that shelf.

I chose Sendline because she shares the same birthday as Juliette. We're planning to "introduce" Juliette to Sendline on her birthday in January. They can be pen pals.

The reason I did this last night was fairly self-interested. Sandra McCracken, one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters, offered via Facebook to send handwritten lyrics to "Justice Will Roll Down" to the first ten people to sign up for a new child sponsorship.

I love that song. It was on my playlist for The Reverend Rocks radio show.

Sometimes it just takes a little "push." That little piece of artwork - which I will definitely frame and hang in our living room - will cost us $35/month for the foreseeable future, all for the benefit of a little girl a world away.

I don't have the same kind of following as Sandra McCracken, but I still want to shift my weight and add to the "push." If you've been on the fence about sponsoring a child, do it. I will send a signed copy of Any Day a Beautiful Change to the first ten people to email me with the name of their newly sponsored child. (Email me at katherinepershey at gmail dot com; books will ship in early April.)

It will cost you way more to get your copy this way, but it will help justice roll down.

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