Love Your Body

I've been loving my friend Suzanne's creative project for 2012; she posts photographs of hand drawn/painted wisdom for each day.
image :: suzanne l. vinson

I am grateful every time one of her images comes up in my photo feed, delivering heartfelt, authentic wisdom.

The other night I was scrolling through pictures on Instagram, and one of her daily posts came up. Juliette was with me. She asked me what it said.

image :: suzanne l. vinson

Love your body, I told her.

I would love to believe that Juliette hasn't yet encountered any forces that tell her not to love her body, but I'm not that naive. That message is everywhere.

We talked about all the wonderful things we can do with our bodies: run, dance, hug, eat delicious food.

I thought the conversation was over, as Juliette was quiet. But then she patted me on the arm and said, "I love your body, Mama."

"I love your body, too, Juliette."

Love your body, and love the bodies of the people you love.

That's wisdom.

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