The Greatest Willis Sister Crazy Consumer Gene Story Ever (So Far)

The Willis sisters, as we all know, have a Crazy Consumer Gene. (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibit I Can't Link to Facebook but Marie Will Never Shop at K-Mart Again on Account of a Cancelled Fairy Doll Order.)

Today, the Crazy Consumer Gene saga reached a whole new level. It's as though the universe folded in on itself. It's the equivalent of, like, time traveling and encountering your own mother.

Okay, here goes.

Last night, I ordered my Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit. I used PayPal because I was too lazy to stand up and walk across the room to fetch my credit card. After I paid I noticed that the transaction was still pending and that my files weren't available to download yet.

This afternoon, I tried to download again, but I was still getting the "pending" message. So, I used the Ella Publishing "contact us" form to dash off a quick plea for assistance. Only when I tried to submit it, I got a message saying I'd input the CAPTCHA (anti-spam verification) letters wrong. So I tried again. And again.

I got a new mail ping - an automatic response confirming that my email had been received and that Ella Publishing would follow up promptly.

And then I got four more pings. Oops. Guess it was going through each time after all.

Not ten minutes later, the phone rings. It's Elizabeth.

At first I think something is seriously wrong. It sounds like she's crying.

Nope. Laughing.

As it turns out, Elizabeth has a new job helping out with tech support at, you guessed it, Ella Publishing. She was on the phone with Angie, i.e, THE FOUNDER, PRESIDENT, AND CEO OF ELLA PUBLISHING, when all of a sudden Angie started cutting out. Elizabeth's phone was vibrating wildly on account of the five requests for tech support from, you guessed it, me.

Elizabeth, kind of dumbfounded, explains this to Angie. And Angie, knowing us, replies, "Willis sister Crazy Consumer Gene?"

This evening I received this fine example of excellent customer service from the Ella Publishing Tech Support Trainee:

(And lest you think it was Ella [or Elizabeth's] fault I couldn't download my files at first, it was not. I apparently have my PayPal account set up some weird way that requires 3-5 days to clear.)

The end.

p.s. The kit is lovely. I'm super excited to start taking pictures tomorrow!

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