Wednesday Miscellany

1. Ben is into this new app he has on his iPod that streams radio stations from all over the world. In the last five minutes I have heard snippets of blues, polka, and birdsong. Did you know there's a radio station that plays nothing but birdsong?

2. January is not my favorite month, and this January seems to be particularly less than stellar.

3. Except for Juliette's fourth birthday. That will definitely be stellar. We are thinking we'll invite a couple girls over for another tea party, and play dress up. We like super simple, very small birthday parties around here.

4. We moved our furniture around last weekend, and in the process discovered that neither of us like our leather Ikea chairs at all. They are several years old and look brand new because we never sit in them. They aren't very comfortable, and they look out of place in our 1920s home. But, after having poked around in a few furniture stores, we resigned ourselves to keeping them around for the foreseeable future. Good chairs are expensive. And it is nearly impossible to find something that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is comfortable. There is a part of me that really wants a big poufy recliner - holy cow are those things comfortable - but there is another part of me that rages against the frump.

5. I have fully descended into the Pinterest vortex. My favorite boards to curate are Manual of Style (Chicago-related things) and Sacramental Life. And my food board.

6. How can it have been nearly a year since I finished writing my manuscript? For the next few days I will be scouring the copyedited version - the penultimate step before printing. Gulp.

7. I'm pretty sure I know what my second book is going to be. I've been writing the proposal in my head, which is kind of exciting, but also a little inconvenient. The same thing happened when I was up to my ears in the Christmas pageant - suddenly I was inundated with ideas for next year's service.

8. I am not only going to buy the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration kit that Elizabeth coordinated, I'm going to do it. The gist is that you take twelve photos on the twelfth of each month, and this gives you ideas for photos and what to do with them. I'm a little freaked out by how close to becoming a scrapbooker I am. Who would have thought!

9. I have an early date with an elliptical and a friend, so nighty night.

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