1. We have discovered pretzel croissants. They carry them at Trader Joe's, and then yesterday we went out for brunch and Ben ordered french toast made with pretzel croissants. Amazing.

2. What was not so amazing was the service at the restaurant. We waited forever to get our water, and Juliette almost fell asleep waiting for her pancakes. Apparently Jane Lynch was there, so all the servers were ogling the local celebrity. I had to say "Sue!" in my best Mr. Schuster impression.

3. I find the sudden preponderance of Ryan Gosling "hey girl" jokes inexplicable but also extremely funny. None no more so than this one, about cloth diapers. 
That marks the first time I have ever shared any one of the forty-seven billion photos with captions that are all over the Internet.

4. Marie pinned a photograph of built-in cabinetry that practically caused Ben and me to faint, and/or empty our savings. We have yet to figure out our living room, which has some layout issues. This would solve everything. Not just the layout issues. Genevieve would sleep through the night and bacon would be fat free and no one would ever frown or stub their toe in our household again.
I am totally coveting my neighbor's built-in. Pinterest is kind of dangerous that way, no?

5. Last week I was invited to go running with the group I ran with in the summer of 2010. I had planned to start up again in the spring, but the weather was so nice I went. I am completely hooked, and thanks to all the time I've spent on the elliptical with Kerry lately, I was able to run fairly well. I've been twice more since, and did an even 5k this morning. It's gotten pretty cold again, but I invested in a running jacket decked out with fluorescent pink and silver reflective fabric. I am hooked. Completely and utterly hooked. It's easy to forget how glorious running is, but it is just that. Glorious.

6. I cannot speak highly enough of John Green's The Fault of Our Stars. It was so beautiful and so sad. I want to read every word that man has ever published.

7. Speaking of publishing, it's getting closer to the publication date of Any Day a Beautiful Change! I'm working on the final proofs. Very exciting. Here's a preview - first page of the introduction:

8. Self-portrait.

9. I had quite a conversation about women in ministry last week, over at the Deeper Story blog. It seems to me that the people who absolutely believe women should be in ministry and the people who absolutely believe women should not be in ministry don't have many conversations with one another, so I took the opportunity to engage someone who finds himself in the "gray" on the matter.

10. One of my favorite things about going to Kent State were all the fascinating and brilliant Kent townies (I did, after all, marry one). A Kent man who was as misunderstood as often as he was deeply respected passed away recently. This is an absolutely wonderful remembrance of his life, and his role in the community.

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