Guest Post on Sarah Bessey's blog (!!)

Several months ago I read Sarah Bessey's amazingly beautiful essay on incarnation at the Deeper Story. I was totally hooked on her writing and moved by her heart. That piece was still rattling around within me the night I went Zumba dancing on epiphany, and I wrote a piece that was inspired by both:

When I was a seminary student learning about the Christian liturgical year, I never imagined that one day the light I would behold on Epiphany – the day the church retells the story of those astrologer-kings who followed a star to Jesus – would be refracted by a disco ball. Neither did I foresee, when prayerfully considering the professional boundaries I would be trusted to maintain as a clergywoman, that I would ever have to make a split-second decision: should I or should I not join the other ladies from my church in a chair dance. (If you’re unfamiliar with chair dances, think burlesque. Please try not to think strip club.)
 Read the rest here. 

(I presume I will eventually stop pinching myself that I have a piece published on SARAH BESSEY'S BLOG!!)

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