Take Twelve 2012: March

I was ever so excited for the March edition of Take Twelve because I knew we would be on a road trip. We spent the long weekend in Saint Paul for the unimaginably joyful wedding of Andrea and Alan, and drove back home to Illinois yesterday.

The view from our room at the Hotel 340 in Saint Paul, MN

The clock in the lobby, taken just after check-out. (Wrong time.)

Skyline as we were driving eastward

This is, weirdly enough, one of my very favorite pictures of the day. I love how the combination of rain, mist, and instagram can make a truck carting big logs look eerily beautiful.
Trees in the rain while passing at 70mph.

Dr. Seuss + Songs from the Street = happy 4-year-old.

Most amazing pie I have ever eaten. I had the chocolate peanut butter, which is just south of center in this photograph. Amazing. You should go to the Norske Nook if you're ever passing through Wisconsin.

Building in Osseo, Wisconsin. Home of the Norske Nook.

Juliette was begging to have one of the cheapie $5 stuffed animal contraptions. She finally gave up and requested one for her next birthday. Surely a 5-year-old wouldn't want her parents to drive back to some crummy truck stop for a stuffed animal that will only collect dust?

After driving 3.5 hours - way longer than I ever drive on Pershey family outings - I rode the rest of the way home in the backseat, in between the girls. (This explains why there are not three times as many pictures of farms in my instagram feed.) This was the best I could do from the backseat, but I kind of like it.

This was the best view from the backseat. Oh, that smile, and those shining eyes!

We came home to crocuses! For some reason, the crocuses in our yard bloom earlier than most of the other crocuses in town. I noticed them last year when we were under contract for the house and I compulsively walked past it every day.

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