Take Twelve: April

Despite the fact that I receive the Ella reminders about the Take Twelve project, I totally forgot to take my twelve photos yesterday. Today was more interesting anyway. These were all taken on or around the twelfth of April.

Ben got a great haircut & professional beard trim, though Genevieve doesn't necessarily agree.

Have I mentioned how much I love that Juliette goes to preschool at church?

Twilight nursing.

I am hooked on running.

Crawling and cruising and cute as a button. Oh, and sick. Again.

Juliette spent at least an hour making a Mama out of paper today.

Dolled up for a big day: first reading/booksigning, and moderating a panel at the Ministerial and Lay Leadership Institute at Chicago Theological Seminary.

The reading went really, really well. So fun to share the book with the moms at church.

Love the el.

I was so enamored of the Braille sign that I forgot to read the scripture on the floor. The new Chicago Theological Seminary building is amazing.

There were all kinds of cool fliers on the wall.

They incorporated some of the stained glass from the old building into the new place.

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