Real Camera for the Last Day of School

It is no secret that I am a huge unapologetic Instagram lover. I take more photographs than I would otherwise, and I love the nostalgic feel of the filters.

But I'm totally ashamed of how seldom I have picked up my real camera lately.

For Juliette's last day of school (!?), I pulled out the Canon Rebel XT.
All smiles on the last day of three-year-old preschool. Next year: pre-K! 

Sweet little sister.

Juliette crinkles her nose; Genevieve crinkles her eyes.
And then when she's really happy, she winks. It makes us squeal every time it is just so adorable.
Didn't have great luck trying to get a photo of both girls

Photo shoots with Juliette always end up involving lots of giggling.

Collapsing in the grass

Still loves to play the "touch your head" game.

Did I mention how very sick this kid was over the weekend? We were SO glad she was all better for the last day of school.

I hearby swear that I will pull the real camera out more often.

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