Take Twelve: May

"A girl with a giraffe neck!" I'm glad she said it, because someone had to.

Three things I love, on the kitchen windowsill: church, begonias, and amethyst

We went to Union Station for National Train Day, and happened to be on the same train with some new church members. Juliette and their 6-year-old hit it off, and immediately began walking around holding hands. I am having a hard time not seeing this as another installment of those wildly romantic "Before Sunrise/Before Sunset" movies; this one is "Before Naptime."

Train parts.


Ben and Steve have been friends for a loooong time. They had no idea I was taking their picture.

Why on earth anyone would choose comic sans over an elegant font like this is a mystery to me.

Lamp and skylights

It was very loud and there were about four thousand too many people there.
Pushing the button to make the model carousel spin.

Genevieve is wondering where Ben's beard went.
Fancy that! We caught the same train home as our new friends. Juliette saw Joe board the train and literally pushed me off the seat so she could sit with him. Thanks, kid.

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